Bug report : Sequencer modulator doesn't properly change between presets

Bug Report

  • Plugin Version: Filterverse 0.7.14
  • Plugin Format (vst2/vst3/au/aax): vst3
  • DAW + Version: Ableton Live 10.1.43
  • OS + Version: Win11 Pro
  • CPU Type (Apple/Intel/AMD): AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS

Bug Description:

When changing between presets, the sequencer modulators change to their correct shapes, but when I click on one of their step values to edit, the whole shape changes back to a previous state.

Reproduction steps:

1 - Open any preset, or even init.
2 - Add or select a sequencer modulator and change its shape.
3 - Change preset or init again.
4 - Add or select a sequencer modulator, it should be as a sine wave or as the preset had it.
5 - Click on a value to change it, the whole shape will become as it was previously modified in step 2.

some additional notes:
It’s an issue that is per modulation slot, meaning that every slot “remembers” it’s previous state.

Also, I tested the same in Bitwig Studio 5.0.11 (using vst3 too) and this bug doesn’t happen there. So it may be something particular to Live Suite 10.1.43, which is already deprecated, but I’m still reporting in case there may be more regarding this. I’m enjoying filterverse quite a lot.

video here : https://youtu.be/pO3yEZYm20k (weird it didn’t captured the mouse)

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Thank you for this bug report.
This is a known issue, and we are working on the fix.

i must mention - this is a bug in ableton, but we managed to work around it. will be fixed on next version