Comments / Requests / Big potential - but some way to go

I just demoed the Filterverse BETA and it is so good to see some competition on the filter market!

But for it to be a competitive go-to filter there is a long way to. Here are some of my thoughts / Suggestions

  1. Having 3 filters on 3 different tabs DON’T WORK. Put them together to easily change them in connection with each other.

  2. I know it is a BETA but we need way more filter types.

  3. The option to morph and blend between more filters would be great (Like in VITAL or Minimal Audio Rift)

  4. We need a filter mix on each filter

  5. Drawable LFO’s like in Serum (Time & pitch) with retrigger

  6. Draw your own filter could be cool (Like UVI Shade)

  7. A pre-post distortion unit would be EPIC and something that sets you apart. You can take some inspiration in Tone2 Filterbank3 (which is discontinued and MUCH requested). Also in filtertypes.

Looking forward to follow the plugin!

Thank you for your feature suggestions. I will forward them to the development team.
Here are my answers:

  1. You can use meta knob to link them and control them at the same time.
  2. More filter types are planned and will be added in the future.
  3. Vital filters are different, not all filter algorithms can be morphable, we make them morphing on all algorithms that can support it.
  4. There is a filter dry/wet knob for each filter separately already on the right side of the GUI. The global dry/wet is at the bottom right of the GUI.
  5. You can draw LFO shapes in the sequencer
  6. We don’t plan on adding this feature to filtervese, that would require a different plugin GUI.
  7. Depending on the filter type you select, you can pre-drive them using the input slider, or use the drive slider if the filter type supports it, to add the drive in the feedback path. Sometimes you can use both, at the same time for different results. For post-drive, you can add another filter in the chain or use the output clipping options.