Feature Request: Variable Modal Types

Wonderful plugin by the way, thanks.

Wondering if there may be plans to add more filter types, and a modal similar to supermodal? Think this would be an absolute game changer, and possibly have me using my Sherman Filterbank2 less!

Possibly a way to cross modulate between all 3 states into the modal or similar to supermodal driving SVF into modal output? (just spitballing here)

Also, adding in a some form of a Bode Frequency Shifter mode/modal if possible?

Haven’t played around enough yet with it, but is there a way to have it do feedback loops?

Thank you for your feedback and feature requests.

Yes, we plan on adding more filter types. We haven’t decided yet on the modal filter, but if we do it, it will be simplified and/or different than the one in supermodal due to CPU usage limitations. Our take on Bode Frequency Shifter is also highly possible as one of the future filter updates. We are still considering adding the feedback loop functionality.


No problem, looking forward to creating some bizarre sounds, and using it in my upcoming projects! :metal:t6:

Understandable, not sure if you all have thought of using either a Z-Plane or some form of a cubic idea, but that could also maybe work for less CPU usage. Where the “modal” could look to morph between a set of user-defined presets. This way as more filter types are added, instead of having the extra added function, instead the code calls to morph between user presets that are maybe starred or “ticked” and added to a bank of sorts… (Rambling here and hoping it makes sense)

Both are also really great to know they’ve been discussed, could maybe be variable or something…

Also, thanks for the rather fast reply.

Be a great day

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Hope this is okay, but rather than opening multiple threads, just going to post stuff in this:

ew filter types are cool, but this still leads me to the desire to have some sort of morphing function.

  • A state that can allow a user to blend between types, or even just a function that allows user to have slight variations between established designed filter.

  • The modal ideal in supermodal works well for this, but also feels like the possibilities, and concept could be further fleshed out in Filterverse. A cross between as I mentinoned Z-plane, Rossum, Supermodal, and GRM Tools Superslider would be a great concept…maybe more on this later, or the community will help us flesh out this idea more?

Next thing I’d like to address which I am sure is on your radar:
Having the different categories, and user defined categories for filter presets is nice, but maybe we look into a system of banks?

At current the sub divided section can get overbearing, and having something that breaks the TAGS into banks or a Categories would be nice. This allowing users to define which tag could be placed into these banks, and then another collapsable section would show what presets are in those banks? Or something like this…


A system for storing shapes users create in sequencer/lfo’s types would be nice. Maybe this is stored local on users system?

Let me know if any of these aren’t clear, will be glad to go into further details with thoughts…

Was going to post a sound made, but i’m still new around here and beside I’m not famous so wou would care anyways haha :metal:t6:

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Quick link to what I am getting putting the filterverse into action, but still wish we had a blend, or morphing function… also BODE lmao… the sound being used is a filing cabinet being opened and closed, and this is set as a free download for anyone who comes across it, enjoy! :space_invader:

Also, this is me just flipping through my own custom presets for now, but as I mentioned having the ability to sort through banks, or some other manner of organized folder system per sub_class would be wonderful! Well at least in my alien style of making music…

The tags are nice, but shuffling through the “pro” presets just doesn’t feel like a i thing I want to do, no offense to the designers… but they don’t feel like I understand their intent behind the presets…

does this make sense?