Filterverse stops sidechain track from playing when reopening Logic

I run Filterverse on its own track with an Orchestral Tools track as its sidechain. Every time I restart that project, which has no other tracks, everything seems to work fine, but there’s no sound coming through. When I disable Filterverse and unmute the Orchestral Tools track, though, it plays fine. What I need to do to make it work again is remove the Filterverse plugin from its track, then add it back and then it just works until the next LPX restart with that project.

Logic Pro X 10.8.1 - Sample rate 48kHz - Filterverse 0.7.4 - iMac 3.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 mid-2017 40GB RAM.

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Thanks for reporting.

This should be already fixed in the current version of the filterverse beta (0.7.8)

Please confirm that it’s now working correctly for you.

Fix confirmed (via email)