Spectral Filters?

Just wondering if you plan to implement any filters like these, OxyMeteor - Spectral Phasing & Vocoding Plugin – oxydsp

I’m going to pipe up and say that I don’t think spectral filters would be on the cards here for FV.

Mostly, I suspect, because spectral stuff needs latency to work, and FV currently reports only 7 samples which is no-where near enough to do even the smallest FFT/spectral calculations. I can’t imagine the devs would want to suddenly add ~43ms of latency to the plugin to deal with 1024 sample-sized blocks (the kind of thing which happens in FFT/spectral processing).

You’re probably better off buying OxyMeteor! (I did, it’s very cool)

I can’t wait to hear the kinds of filters not-yet added to the plugin. There’s a lot of space in the filter list area! I’m thinking we’ll get some surprising and delightful filters added :slight_smile:
Maybe even one or more of the modal filters they designed for SuperModal (or modified at the very least)

Welcome to the beta community though! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feature suggestion. This plugin and its filter look like it’s FFT-based. We don’t plan on adding any FFT-based filters to Filterverse. We want to keep the latency of Filterverse as low as possible.

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Thanks for the reply, yes what you say makes total sense.